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i wrote this blog for a popular sales and marketing website. As basic as the concept is, the readers loved it!


The Fool-Proof, EASY Tactic That Can Improve Email Responses By 50% or More!!!

As sales people, we’ve all been there, right?

You’ve identified a KEY prospect that you absolutely know can benefit from your product or service. 

You’ve thoroughly completed your “pre-search” on them and you feel like an expert on their company.

You’ve built a tight, focused, attention-getting email with key benefits for your prospect that helps them solve a problem.

You hit SEND. 

And you wait.

You periodically check your email for a response for the rest of the day. 

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

…and nothing the next day…and the next day…

Where did you go wrong?!?

My friend…perhaps you didn’t go wrong at all…

Perhaps your spot-on, well-written, timely, thought-provoking email just got lost in your prospect’s in-box. And let’s be honest, important prospects like these have a lot on their plate in a given day – don’t take it personally!

But your livelihood depends on your connecting with prospects like these.

What’s your next step when this happens?

It’s an easier fix that you can ever imagine…and after many years of selling in the age of email, I can guarantee that your response rate will GO UP 50% 


Ready? OK, here we go.

First, go into the “Sent” file of your email and open the fantastic letter you sent to this important prospect. 

NOTE #1: You are NOT going to create another email for this person. That’s time-consuming for a busy seller and with this simple method I’m about to show you, there’s no need.

Now, simply “Forward” the EXACT. SAME. EMAIL. to the EXACT. SAME.CLIENT.

Note #2: Do NOT add anything to this email! Do not put needless verbiage at the top of this forwarded email like “Did you get my last note?” or “Just wanted to check in again” or even “Making sure you did not miss this.” Add absolutely nothing!

Press Send. Then wait 24 hours. 

(I mean, we DO have other things to do with our day – meetings, presentations, training, conference calls, etc. Get busy!)

I guarantee you that 33% of the original emails you sent will get a response.

But wait…in the headline you said you can improve responses by 50%+. 

What gives?

It’s ok. You are not quite done yet!

After you have waited another 24 hours, pull up the Sent emails that have not elicited a response and Forward them again, also with ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIONAL VERBIAGE IN THE NEW BODY OF THIS EMAIL. This is key!

OK - NOW, I guarantee that your overall response rates to your wonderful email with meet and exceed 50%! 

Why? Two reasons:

1. I’ve done it since the dawn of email and it’s consistently performed for me as a sales tactic.

2. Guilt is a MOTIVATOR! In an article on Psychology Today, it’s noted that “by definition, shame impacts our feelings about who we are as people, it makes sense that it would create motivation to change those aspects of ourselves about which we feel negatively.”

Generally speaking, people feel bad when they don’t respond to someone else. Subconsciously, they feel as though they let that person down. You, as a salesperson, are playing on this emotion to move your process forward and get that all-important meeting with this prospect! Many will simply feel bad that they have not responded and get back to you. BAM! Now you have them!

Folks, we all have lots of challenges in the world of sales. Use this SIMPLE process and your time spent on writing emails to the same prospects will be greatly eliminated...and your response rates will skyrocket!

Have a great day and remember: ALWAYS BE SELLING!

this was a marketing letter that a client used as a template for their restaurant. their sales blew UP!


If you’re like me, you simply love pizza.

A crispy-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside crust.

Sauce that tastes like it’s been cooking on an Italian grandmother’s stove all day.

Cheese that is melty with a hint of char.

Fresh toppings that complement the basic elements of the pizza and make it an original masterpiece as it hits your taste buds.

Oh yes – pizza is a little “slice” of heaven to many of us.

But there’s a catch.

Pizza this good can cost you.

I mean, we can easily try those fast-food joints in the hopes we can get a decent pizza. And we need to be OK with a 17-year-old making it in between texting their friends, updating their Instagram feed and their Facebook status. We can only hope that our order is correct, that it’s delivered within the promised time frame and that the driver did not hit too many speed bumps on the way to our house, jostling our order into an unrecognizable mess.

All that for a coupon-driven dinner that simply falls short of your expectations. Not ideal.

Or how about the white table cloth place in town that does a great lasagna and an outstanding chicken scallopini – but makes a 9 inch “artisan” pizza that comes up short on category and costs $17.99…that’s not the pizza experience you are after either, right?

Halleluiah, these pizza problems don’t need to exist anymore!

Pizza Maximus is your pizza destination that is both delicious and affordable.

Opened in 2007 with just a single storefront in a tiny strip mall on Johnson Road in Grand Blanc, Owner John Di’orio has built his restaurant into a must-visit pizza experience using three key “ingredients.”

“First,” says Di’orio, “we only hire nice people. If you end up being a jerk, we figure that out pretty quickly. Second, we do EVERYTHING in house. I make pizza sauce every morning and my wife Freida hand makes the pizza dough as well. Our chef Paul Costanza makes sure every topping is prepped fresh that day. Lastly, we’re reasonably priced. You can get a fully loaded large pizza for about 12 bucks. On Tuesday, we ever do 2 for 1 on all pizzas – now that’s a killer deal!”

Pizza Maximus' four-star ratings on Yelp is a testament to their business approach. Check out these raving reviews:

-        “Best pizza in Grand Blanc, hands down. We have their pizza at least three times a month. Their special white pizza makes my mouth water just thinking about it.”Steve M. - Fenton, MI

-        “We’ve done Cottage Inn, Aubrees and some others in town. Every time we go to one of those places, we end up being mad we just did not go to Pizza Maximus.”Audrey C. – Grand Blanc

-        “This place was sooooo needed here! GREAT pizza every single time and the Tuesday special of 2 for 1 in an incredible value – especially in these economic times.”Wally E. – Burton

Sold yet? 

You should be! 

Pizza Mia is quite simply a must if you are a pizza aficionado like me.

Now that you know how fresh and tasty their pizza is, I’ve made it incredibly easy for you try Pizza Maximus first hand.

The big red button you see below will take you directly to Open Table to book a reservation. You can certainly just show up for a table, but keep in mind, Pizza Maximus is BUSY. WHY CHANCE IT?

Click the big red button below and pick the time you’d like to go and how many folks will be joining you. It’s as easy as that. Very soon, you’ll be anxiously awaiting a pizza experience unlike any other. John and Freida will be in the kitchen right when you walk in. Make sure you say hi…and enjoy PIZZA MAXIMUS!